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$150.00 - Setup Three New User Accounts

  • $150.00 LABOR ONLY for setting up three new user accounts on a computer or server.

    For a existing members of a VIP-1 or higher account on Happy As Is ONLY.

    Setup software needed (Libre Office, Notepad++, java, anti-virus, browsers). Add printer/s, or scanner/s to the account.
    Create short-cuts to needed applications, RDP, map network drives if needed, adjust permissions on the computer or server for new user.
    Windows 10:
    Add "Winaero" and adjust tracking and spyware to your requested needs or to the safest settings.

    Click the link below to pay. You will be taken to a beast-usa's website payment page. After the transaction has finished, there will be a link to return to Happy As Is.
    Pay $150.00 With a Credit Card, PayPal or PayPal Credit Card
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