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  • Review of Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4-2400 4X4

    Posted by beast-usa (Admin) January 9, 2015 - Category: Opinion 2,687 views - 0 comments - 1 like
    I don't even know where to start! I haven't been this impressed with memory since the ultra series of Geil DDR!
    This memory runs at any speed you throw at it, DDR4-2400 stock all the way up to DDR4-3474! It's just so easy, bios or in windows, change speed, benchmark, BE IMPRESSED.

    But like all fast things, the faster you go the more tweaking you will need to do. :) You can run DDR4-2133 to DDR4-2800 pretty easy with very small voltage adjustments. Above 2800 takes some time :) Most of the settings below will be very easy for any user to achieve.

    Test system
    Motherboard - Asus Rampage V Extreme x99 2011-v3
    CPU - Intel i7 5930 2011-v3
    GPU - EVGA GTX 980
    Memory - Crucial DDR4-2400 4X4 16gigs
    Cooling - Voltair High Performance Thermoelectric
    Power Supply - Corsair HX1050
    Case - ThermalTake Level 10 GT
    Windows 8 Pro 64bit


    Base image from

    Base image from

    Base image from

    Lets do some benchmarking! :)

    I ran all the benchmarks with the built-in auto overclock & speed-stepping i7 5930 1200 to 3700mhz. Everything installed and running, anti-virus, anti-spyware, netlimiter, teamviewer... I tried to make it as close as I could to what you could do 24/7 in daily use of your computer. What does faster memory do for you? QUICKER opening and closing of programs, faster response when you click programs or items on your computer, HIGHER FRAME RATES when gaming. :) Overall just plain faster everything!

    Started with DDR4-2200 adjusting the timing down to 14-13-13-37 DRAM
    Write Latency 14 1.260v (voltage lowered it to 1.250v)

    A little tighter timing and lower voltage. DDR4-2200 @ 13-12-12-35
    DRAM Write Latency 11 1.245

    DDR4-2200 @ 12-11-11-33 DRAM Write Latency 11

    At it's stock speed of DDR4-2400 & auto set timings.
    DDR4-2400 17-16-16-39 DRAM Write Latency 16 1.225v

    Now to push those timings down and get that speed up.
    DDR4-2400 14-14-14-37 DRAM Write Latency 14 1.245v.

    With the Asus Rampage V Extreme motherboard you can change most of
    your memory settings right on your windows desktop. In a couple of
    cases changing the CAS# Write Latency caused the computer to reboot.
    DDR4-2400 14-13-13-35 DRAM Write Latency 11 1.240v

    I'm using these right now as my daily 24/7 settings.
    DDR4-2400 13-13-13-35 DRAM Write Latency 11 1.240v

    DDR4-2400 12-12-12-35 DRAM Write Latency 11. 1.240v

    DDR4-2400 11-11-11-35 DRAM Write Latency 10 1.240v

    Ok time to bump up the speed! After all this is SUPER MEMORY! Auto
    timings DDR4-2600 17-16-16-39 DRAM Write Latency 19 1.240v

    DDR4-2600 15-14-14-37 DRAM Write Latency 15 1.250v

    DDR4-2600 14-14-14-37 DRAM Write Latency 14 1.245v

    How fast will this memory go you ask? Well with more voltage which
    I don't suggest, enough tweaking, A GOOD POWER SUPPLY! Pretty much
    any speed you want! I could only get these speeds on the Asus Rampage
    V Extreme using Bios 603.
    DDR4-3464 14-14-14-37 DRAM Write Latency 14 1.260v

    i7 5930 auto overclock to 4ghz
    DDR4-3472 14-14-14-39 DRAM Write Latency 14 1.265v

    In conclusion this Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4-2400 is some pretty great memory! No matter what you're using it for either day to day work, encoding movies, music, gaming... It's definitely top notch so much so that I will be getting another 4X4 16gig set!

    My reviews don't have lots of fluff :) They are straight to the point of what I think most people want to see not 6 or 7 pages of text. :)

    As always any questions please ask.