• Net Neutrality Law - YES or NO?

    Posted by beast-usa (Admin) February 24, 2015 - Category: Technology 2,291 views - 0 comments - 1 like
    People never pay attention to their freedoms being chipped away. Now GREEDY cable companies want to bill you like the rip-off electric company (tiered service)! Nobody will care until they're paying $300 per month just for internet!

    Why do they want to change this now? Because they realize in the very near future the internet will become even more of a huge part of life! With more and more people using it for work, contact, buying, selling, movies and entertainment. And they want to make sure they get a piece of every pie you even look at! So net neutrality laws would stop the cable companies from doing the tiered billing.

    But adding a law to protect net neutrality is a whole different story. Now you would get the government involved, huge mistake! Name one thing the government runs smoothly? And what kind of control will they have? Will the United States end up like China or North Korea? The only websites or internet we'd have access to is what the government chose for us?

    Then this
    "The Obama administration said that it would not let the public see it's 332 page net neutrality plan until after the FCC voted on its implementation."


    That has to make you think what's in there that WE THE PEOPLE should not see until after it's voted in?

    So for me personally:
    YES - Stop the greedy cable companies from cheating the public with bandwidth tiered pricing.
    Does something they won't let us read UNTIL it's passed remind you of anything?

    So, to be clear, I'm for Net Neutrality but I'm 100% against the government controlling it.
    If they have control, there will be NO MORE Net Neutrality.

    If you live in California, you may remember the whole TRAFFIC CAM thing 20 years ago? "They will cost nothing and save kidnapped/abducted CHILDREN!" I said way back then it was a scam to make money! Guess how many CHILDREN those cams have saved? ZERO! So then they started using a few to catch people running red lights (mailing you fines), just to cover the cost of SAVING all those CHILDREN. Now 20 years later no children have ever been saved and those ticket-cams are pure state revenue.