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The Canadian New World Order | COVID Agenda 2021

Posted December 9, 2020 - Filed in Life
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  • spinny VIP
    thanks for this vid -even its horrible lol but its never vvrong to knovv and be prepared for any scenario
  • Designer Anne (Admin)
    People need to wake the "f" up...WE MUST STAND UP TO THIS SINISTER AGENDA!! Why are you people being sheep...the one's following the stupid governor mandates?? WAKE UP!! Watch this video and see the agendas that "they" are trying to implement on the...  more
    • spinny VIP reacted on this.
    • Designer Anne (Admin)
      spinny VIP vve have total lockdovvn novv in 3 days til next year ! christmas is canceled by our CANCELER and parliament and all buisness must close exept supermarkets gasoline stations and a fevv more
      • December 14, 2020
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